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Celebration Planned to Formally Launch Mobile Cooking Cart & City Market Partnership

Champlain Elementary will hold a series of activities for the school community the week of May 30 - June 2 to teach and expose students to hands-on food production by readying the school garden for the planting season and launching it’s new mobile cooking station.

The purchase of the mobile cooking station, a “Charlie Cart,” was made possible through funding from City Market, North Country Federal Credit Union, the Vermont Community Garden Network and the Champlain PTO. The school received a Co-op Patronage Seedling Grant from City Market to cover the majority of the Cart’s cost. City Market representatives will be training volunteers in how to use the Cart, and those volunteers are eligible to receive Member-Worker hours for their volunteer hours.

The Cart is equipped with small appliances – an induction range, electric griddle, food processor, small convection oven, immersion blender, and a hand mixer. It carries utensils, small-wares, pots and pans, dinnerware, and basic pantry supplies. In short, it will have everything necessary for a teacher and a class of young students to prepare healthy food from scratch.

Hands on learning through the Cart will introduce students to nutritional concepts, influence positive attitudes around food and foster lifelong healthy eating habits. The Cart will connect the school garden, where students learn how food is grown, to cooking, where students learn skills and how food is at the heart of our lives and cultures. Additionally, local farmers, chefs, new American members of the community and parent volunteers will be invited to use the Cart to instruct Champlain Elementary students in local agriculture, culinary history and cultural nuances present in international cuisine.

The following is a schedule of the week’s activities:

Tuesday 5/30: Morning Assembly & Charlie Cart Ribbon Cutting 10:30-11:10 am

Students will learn about the events of the week and there will be a formal Charlie Cart ribbon cutting by City Market General Manager John Tashiro. There will also be students performances, videos and a recognition of all donors who made the Charlie Cart possible.


All classes will be sending a representative to cook with Chef Kaye in the cafeteria kitchen after. The "Harvest of the Month" recipe they cook will be served at lunch time as a taste test on June 2nd to all students. This is a monthly program, every month one class cooks a recipe with the school chef based on the Vermont seasons. More info:


Wednesday 5/31: Spring Garden Work Day

Every Champlain class will be getting outside to complete jobs to get the school garden ready for the upcoming season.


Thursday 6/1: Charlie Cart Tour

The Charlie Cart will travel from classroom to classroom serving up tasty treats from the cooking cart curriculum for students to sample. Students will get a copy of the recipe to take home.


Friday 6/2: Harvest of the Month Taste Test

During lunch, all students will get to taste the creation made by students and Chef Kaye on Tuesday.


The week’s activities are all put on by the Champlain Elementary Outdoor Committee--a mix of parents and staff members whose mission is, "Fostering an inclusive community through place based learning where students utilize the schoolyard for hands-on food production and natural discovery."



Champlain 5th grade students win the BSD Spelling Bee!

How do you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

Congratulations to the Champlain Elementary Spelling Bee team!  They won the Burlington School District Spelling Bee on May 19, 2017!  Many thanks to Kate Kenny (parent volunteer) and Sarah Legault (4th/5th grade teacher) for their enthusiastic guidance and support to prepare our team for the Bee!  

New Process for Requesting Extended Absences (3 or More Days) for Champlain Students
Vermont parents may request up to 10 consecutive days for a pre-planned, extended absence during the school year. Parents/Guardians must fill out the Extended Absence Request Form for any non-medical absence that total three or more days. Only activities that are educational in the view of administration are accepted as excused absences. 
Parents must hand in the Extended Absence Request Form to the principal at least ten school days before their departure date. The principal will inform the parent as soon as possible whether or not the absences will be excused. Use of the form begins on November 1, 2016. Click here to download the form, or pick up a copy from the main office.